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About Varied / Hobbyist Premium Member M. van der Kolk26/Female/Netherlands Group :icongalaxy-fans: Galaxy-fans
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:heart: Thank you for looking at my gallery :heart:

Random from Fanart - My OC's

I love getting Fanart!! :D
I treasure them in a special folder close to me :)
I used to hang them above my bed, but the colors faded!
now they are save in a folder :o

Rules of my page

Hi there!
nice of you to drop by!
I do have some rules on my page though..

- please do not leave chain-mail messages, randomly saying hi is ok.
- please do not use my art as your own. [duh]
- please do not be afraid to correct me.
- please bare in mind that I am human and make mistakes.
- please do not be too rude if you have a bad comment.
- if you do not like my art because its style, please do not flame me for it, and just go to some other deviants page.

I know that's a lot of dont's, so here's a do.

- You may 'fave and run' if you wish. I love getting faves so I don't care if you say nothing and fave, it's still an honor for me.
- I love getting compliments, don't be afraid to give them
- I also like getting to know what I could improve, be nice and I will take it with me for my next drawing. [please don't expect me to redraw it though]

you should all know, I use all these rules myself too if I'm on your page.

I support this stamp so much, it's over here.
Stamp: Fanchars are not OCs by Jammerlee
stamp - favorite by ihatemonday I stopped saying it, but it doesn't mean I don't appreciate it
:thumb176263638: Who knows... I know I've got some older works and references there..

Do you use dA points? 

8 deviants said no
3 deviants said yes


My Birthday~

Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers
Lilypie Angel and Memorial tickers

Current Projects

- ABC Project
***I is for...
- Project Family tree (Mysticals *Amethyst Eyes* )
- Project G.A.L.A.X.Y. profiles [ 6/16 done. ]

- G.A.L.A.X.Y. - Monthly page
- Amethyst Eyes - on hold.

G.A.L.A.X.Y. - Chapter 4
Sinatyni - Chapter 2
Amethyst Eyes - Chapter 5

☉ ☿ ♀ ⊕ ☾ ♂ ♃ ♄ ♅ ♆ ♇ ⚳

Photosite Facebook page link

Sat Nov 22, 2014, 9:28 AM…

Here's the link to my 'new' photosite.
my other account.. AbstractRoses will be closed soon.
I never upload there anyway.


YaminaYugineAtema's Profile Picture
M. van der Kolk
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
"you are your own worst crituque"

--I am...--
Shy - Outgoing
Grouchy - Nice
Serious - Playfull
Lazy - Active

10 random facts~!
- I have Autism [PDD-NOS]
- I own a guitar, but I can't play yet
- I like to make stuff my characters own, like I have Ixoanu's crown and Jupiter's gun!
- besides drawing, I paint, take photographs [seeabstractroses for my photos], and love to cook! [note: no simple things]
- I usually draw with a reference from a magazine or photo
- I like to puzzle, but I should do it more often!
- I am allergic to animals, smoke (because you can misread: I don't smoke, I'm allergic to it) and have Astma
- I totally FEAR goose.
- I'm against teasing.
- I collect Final Fantasy figures, gem stones and the Disney Classics~

Ik ben Margriet, kom uit Nederland, Noord-Holland.
Ik ben momenteel 25 jaar, als ik in December jarig ben, word ik al weer 26.
Ik hou van Anime/Manga, tekenen schilderen en muziek in de Gothic Metal style, hoewel ik ook van Celtic kan genieten.
Ik woon nog bij mijn ouders, hoewel ik wel al een 2 en een half jaar op mezelf heb gewoont, met ambulante begeleiding. (Wegens PDD-NOS)
twee daarvan was in Nijmegen, omdat ik daar de UNIT-academie heb gevolgt (en ben geslaagt) en een halfjaar heb ik in Amsterdam gewoont, want ik wou het ouderlijk huis gewoon uit.. Maar het liep niet zo goed met me huisgenoot, dus ben wer terug bij mijn ouders.
Ik werk nu in een dagbesteding van het RIBW, ( Waarbij ik LP's & Video's digitaliseer en foto's maak van lego moddelen voor op de website.

Op mij na hebben me ouders nog twee andere kinderen, een dochter en een zoon, die alletwee ouder zijn dan mij en al uit huis zijn.
Als huisdier moet ik het doen met een (buiten)konijn, wegens mijn allergiŽn.
Ik spaar oude tekenfilms als een soort van nostalgie, (half)edelstenen en visitekaartjes, mijn favoriete dier is op het moment de Giraffe. Ik heb een absolute hekel aan Ganzen.

Copyright Issues

I hereby state that all of my personal information, texts, drawings, photos and videos, etc (due to the Berne Convention) are under my copyright.
For commercial uses, my written consent is needed!




Where did your username, YaminaYugineAtema, come from?
Yamina and Atema are two of my OC.
they are named after Yami and Atem from YU-GI-OH! my favorite anime from when I made this acount in 2005.
Yugine used to be my OC as well, but she is no longer used [besides as an avatar to display myself within the comics. ]

I must say I don't mind that Yamina's name comes from Yami [ and Atema from Atem ] because they have developed in such a way that they are own characters, and in no way (anymore) related to the anime.

Will you PLEASE draw my Oc??? :heart:
Request: No.
Gift: Yes.
Arttrade: Yes.

You used to have a photo account, where did that go?
I closed it. my photo's are now in this facebook group:…


My amazing family!!

Mother: :iconokasanjoze:
Sister: :iconkrysta84:
Cousin: :iconmarijke88:
Cousin: :iconmkevenaar:

Random Questions from myself to myself

Q. Why are all your characters thin?
A: Because I'm fat. I'm compromising..
Q. Why don't your characters have facial hair?
A: Because most of my characters are Myzailians, and they don't grow facial hair, their part elf, others are just too young, or shave it off to look better.
Q: In --, that and that happens, but its not logical so WHY?
A: Light and Darkness...does that answer the question? (Magic probably)
Q: Why are your characters so Mary Sue?
A: Tell me which one specific and I'll change that.
Q: Where are all your female characters?
A: They are there, being mistaken for guys.
Q: And the male characters?
A: Being mistaken for woman :D

Home made stamps:
Stamp - Jupy by YaminaYugineAtema Stamp - love you too by YaminaYugineAtema Stamp - Talk British by YaminaYugineAtema


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